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And I'll Take Your Leave To Be Bold

(A haze of worry always decends about me when the web lives up to its name; I've just found myself presented with a list of links to blogs based around linguistics and grammar, and then all of these blogs link to even more blogs of the same colour, and so on and so forth. Kill me now before I drown myself in a vicious cycle of pretty words. Gah.)

Now then! Moving on swiftly, I'm planning on printing out invitations for everyone once I'm assured that I have the ink stores to do it, but, as I figure it, spreading the word now wouldn't be a bad idea:

I really need this shindig right now, and I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one... Life's proving to be terrible hectic right now, far more hectic than I need, and the thought of witty banter and fresh bao with friends is sounding mighty fine.

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