Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

ha, my icon is hilariously inappropriate

I am in a good mood!

Sure, it may because I went to the gym this morning and knocked the socks off of some of those machines, or it may be because I'm going to Disneyland on Friday with my dad and cousins, but I say NAY- I think this specific good mood is because I somehow managed to twist space and time so as to allow me to attend tesseracting & stahlhelm's engagement party last night despite everything my schedule had against me. It was quite a time!

Annie & Reagan were as charming as good hosts should be, and we spent what short time we had sitting around exchanging sketchbooks and commenting on good soundtrack music. Reagan showed off his new glasses, Annie her new moustache:

And the rest of us just took pictures.

I've also finally met ruggels after all these years (*points up to picture*), which was serendipitous, and managed to spark the beginnings of friendship with a number of other cool... Online... People, so let's hope that leads to something. OH and since Reagan's entry just reminded me, that man makes a fine potato salad, and his woman makes cookies that defy mere words. This means I need to have another potluck. :D

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