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You read the title, Commissions are back in season! I cleaned my proverbial freelance plate over the summer, so I'm going to take advantage of what free time I have and open things back up. Alongside the typical fare, I'm also partitioning things and offering smaller commissions as well- badges, icons, WoW portraits, that sort of thing. Comment if you're interested in taking a slot!

To hell with this, it's too messy- you can find the Price List on my DevArt page. :)

Commissions (see price list)
1. tsunami_ryuu (digital sketch)
2. krikett (digital sketch)
3. abyss-dog (digital sketch)
4. martes

Icons ($10)
I threw this icon together as an example- you get the general idea.
1. Arckra
2. narcissisma
3. jacisaurusrex
4. thornwolf

World of Warcraft sketches ($15 character portraits +$10 for colour, prints can be arranged)
1. Moderndarkelf
2. ravynwolf
3. mauricia

Depending on how fast I get through these, I'll probably make more available soon- especially in terms of the smaller stuff, since WoW most definitely does not pay for itself and icons are just damn fun.

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