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I just purchased my livejournal account, so I'll start making my own mood icons tonight if I can find the time. Go me!

My puppy (the one with wall-eyes) decided to chew up stuff today- my mum welcomed me home by saying she had chewed up a pen- no big, but, y'know, she should be too old for this. I walk up stairs to find she chewed up my tablet stylus, which isn't necessarily 'just another pen'. Grr- as if the wires and circuits sticking out weren't a dead giveaway, mum. I ordered a replacement for my now mangled & very-pointy stylus, which drained me of a good sixty bucks. Ouch. Suprisingly, the pen itself still works- it just hurts my hand.

Life's good... I'm in Miller's homegroup, and I love that man. Ah.
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