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Commissions Price List, v. 2.0

Okay, I'm open for commissions, now that Livejournal and I have come to some sort of compromise. Send me an e-mail at shoomlahATgmailDOTcom instead of commenting... This way I have everyone’s e-mail address right off the bat, and I’m not slighting people who sent me notes on DA while I was checking Livejournal.

Commission Price List, v. 2.0

Icons - $15

Con Badges - $35

Digital - $15+ (+ $10 for print)
Traditional - $25+¤t=wowsketch2sm.jpg

Clean Lineart - $30+

Simple Colour (flat washes of colour with simple shading)
Digital - $40+
Traditional - $40+

Finished Colour (fully-rendered characters)
Digital - $60+
Traditional - $70+

World of Warcraft Commissions
Digital Sketch - $15+ (+ $10 for simple colour)
(For a Finished Illustration, see above prices- if you initially order a sketch, you’re always more than welcome to pay the difference and upgrade to a more completed piece after the fact.)

Anything that doesn’t quite fall into the above categories, such as concept art, landscapes, character sheets, portraits, and colourist jobs, will be priced on a piece by piece basis. Those sorts of things are more difficult to price off the top of my head so, while I love getting more challenging commissions, I’d also like to be able to give a quote beforehand.

A quick note on price flexibility.
If your characters are the visual equivalent of Gloop and Gleep from the Herculoids, your price may be dramatically lower than the listed price. If you want a character portrait in front of a raging 1780’s British naval battle, your price may be dramatically higher than the listed price. Take this into account- they’re more what you’d call “guildelines” than actual rules. (Prices usually by character)

What to send me in your e-mail.
To make the whole commissioning process go smoother, it’s muchly appreciated on my end of things if I get a clear, succinct idea of what you want before I get started. In your e-mail, try to include
- the type(s) of commission you’re interested in,
- a description of what you want in the way of poses, characters, setting and so on,
- and links to whatever character references I may find useful. If you’re ordering a WoW commission, this means including screenshots of your character so I don’t have to make up armor on the fly.

My e-mail address and Paypal account are both shoomlahATgmailDOTcom, and I will only be accepting commissions through my e-mail so that people contacting me through different venues are on even playing ground.

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