Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

We just watched Sound of Music

...So yeah. That's all I've got on my mind right now icon-wise.

Have been surprisingly productive recently during my free time, so have more art- oh, and Erica caught cowbear in We <3 Katamari, which I'm pretty sure makes her an honorary Duchess of the Cosmos or something, so she gets congratulatory fanart.

Commission of Bob the mandroid for Rahsyk:

A friend of mine here at risd, Fabiola ( CrownJewel on DevArt), turned 20 to-day, and, as she's some sort of crazy incarnation of Jasmine, she got a card:

And finally a birthday-o-saurus for Alex's 20th last week. He likes the 'saurs.

Tags: art, commissions, friends
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