Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

The hell, Mysterium, what's up with you being so apparently lame this year? This is the first year I've been able to attend, not to mention the added convenience of being in my home town, and yet we've heard next to nothing from the planning commitee with less than a week to go until the event. Now no one from the Mysterium commitee is even attending, no Cyanists are going to be around, and they have the m****cripting gall to tell us to "make our plans accordingly"?

Look, if you're going to take the time to act like you're planning a convention, especially a small get-together that involves very little in terms of acquiring a venue, then PLAN A GORRAM CONVENTION. Why should we even call it Mysterium, at this point? You're not allowing the time or place for presentations, you only just now mention that you had no intention of planning an itinerary... All you've done is name a city, choose a crappy location for a hotel, and then step back and watch. Why is it that you can't give the time of day to the convention when it isn't in Spokane? That really sucks for those of us who have been looking forward to going to Mysterium since its inception and finally have the chance to.

After watching the planning (or lack thereof) of the past few years' conventions and being rather disappointed with it all, I talked with M01ety about planning our own convention, one that gets back to the basics of what Myst is about, gets people out into the fresh air and exploring nature... Spending more time hiking and talking than sitting around inside. I let it drift to the back of my mind in recent months, but hell, I'm bringing back Mysterium West. I want a convention by the fans, for the fans, not planned behind closed doors. I want one that actually happens, rather than being abandoned by the very people who tried to plan it in the first place.

I don't want to put up with this crap anymore, and I am so frakking pissed at the commitee right now. People are still welcome over to my house next weekend, I'm jsut tempted not to call it Mysterium anymore.
Tags: myst, rant

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