Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

In Which Shoom'lah has the Best Weekend Ever.

I normally read the Harry Potter books within the first day of their release, so I should probably start this post off by pointing out that I'm only three chapters in, but that I have a very good excuse for being as such. See fig. A:

So yes- more on this later, including photos and drawings, but Mysterium 2007 ended up being a salvaged blast. As people can see from my last post, I had no hope whatsoever for this Mysterium and assumed, apart from a few people showing up at my house on Saturday, that it would be nigh nonexistant. Thanks to the sheer determination of everyone who attended, what was initially nothing more than a small blip on the Myst community's radar ended up evolving into a tightly-organized, action-packed weekend. We went everywhere from at least three museums, extensive gardens, good restaurants, interesting buildings, and theme parks to my personal Tomahna for the party on Saturday. Jokes and phone numbers were exchanged, conversations had, presentations given, free mousepads received, Cosmic Osmo played... I couldn't have asked for more, and I owe so much to the 30 odd fans who weren't about to let this Mysterium die but, instead, were determined to make this the Best Weekend Ever.

I can't thank everyone enough, you're all amazing, and I can't believe how many friends I've managed to make in a matter of three days.


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