Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Aaaah, I'm such an elitist steampunk/neo-Victorian. Maybe its just that I like my steampunk to be heavily referential the the period it claims to have risen from, but I go on such a critical rampage when people put on a pleather corset and say they're steampunk. NO YOU'RE NOT, DAMN YOU. Or, well, at least you're not by my standards. Which you probably don't personally care about.

I remember ditching steampunk a few years back because I felt it was overdone by all the people who did it crappily- "Steampunk is just robots in bowler hats nowadays," I would tell my freshman drawing teacher, scoffing when she dared to say my gentlelady in ragged victorian undergarments connected to some sort of life force by a series of copper tubes and wiring was steampunk. Which it exactly what it was, quite obviously, I was just being elitist and didn't want to be categorized along with all of the, to be blunt, ladies in pleather corsets. I wanted to enjoy airships and Victoriana without having to deal with the culture, only to find a year or so later that its no fun enjoying airships and Victoriana if you can't find other people to enjoy them with... Something that was thrust upon me rather suddenly.

I do love steampunk/neo-victoriana in theory, and I'm rather fondly working on this illustration of an Ornithopter for Steampunk magazine's next issue... I'm just annoyed that I'm trying to figure out how the flywheel and pistons connect to the wing when no one else gives a damn so long as its pretty. Which is not a bad thing, really- I almost wish I could step back and just draw a damn ornithopter, not try to make one that works.

Tags: art, rant, steampunk
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