Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

From Shoomdon to Shoomsterdam

I was planning on doing a thorough Europe Trip post yesterday (okay, two days ago. This was written last night. Remember that for the remainder of this post.), but I was suddenly delibitated by some nasty and uncategorizeable (by my nonexistant standards, anyway) sickness that not only kept me away from the internet, but away from the British museum and my last day in beautiful, sunny London as well, so DAMN IT ALL but that's just another excuse to go back.

Feeling relatively better today, especially after the flight in to Amsterdam. Spent a few quick hours in the city to acquaint ourselves and grab some dinner (Indonesian food makes me want to slather EVERYTHING WITHIN ARM'S LENGTH with peanut sauce but I digress), but was most excited by the fact that first thing we run into is this:

LOL world domination :D :D :D

Stopped by Harrod’s really quickly after srttling in to our hotel; the pound is frighteningly strong right now (or, rather, the dollar is pathetically weak), and so we were there more to browse the pretty Egyptian architecture than anything. The meat section was especially entertaining, as who can say no to what seem to be skinned and frozen vignettes of Under The Sea?

Ah, yes. Everything is better down where it's wetter. I did pick up some new Horrible Histories books, which I've been pining for- they just came out with some full-colour guides to Pirates and Warriors, and so I couldn't resist. If you haven't heard of them, then check them out- they're gruesome little children's books about different cultures and periods in history, and I've loved them since I was pretty tiny. Anyway, back to photos, here's mom and dad sailing away on a tiny pirate ship, somewhat appropriately.

Didn’t have as much time in London as I would have wanted (when is it ever enough?), but we did get to spend most of it with Yana, an old friend of my mum’s who writes and illustrated children’s books. She rocks.

If you ever have the chance to visit the Kew gardens, please do- I’ll post some actually pretty photos of them later, but suffice to say that both the grounds and the victorian arboreums are absolutely stunning. They also have this, which is made of pure, unadulterated lol:

MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE NETHERLANDS, My dad and I were explaining to mom how to kick down the exposure on her fancy new camera, and so my mom and I stared each other down for a test shot.

And then my dad was a bit TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to the sign next to him pointing out that he was in the quiet car, but he felt bad and made a pretty cool face, so good for him.

OKAY, I'll post more stuff laters.
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