Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Step right up, GET your fetuses, RIGHT heah.

So, my freakishly-talented and equally determined friend, Andrew Fogel, spent several weeks conceptualizing and constructing a number of mutated mammal fetuses to sell at the RISD STudent/Alumni Art Sale. As could have been predicted, there was a ton of interest but not nearly enough rich white people looking to put a neat little scientific oddity on their mantle for all to see, so he's got a lot of them left.

I've been watching these things be made for a month now, and they're really gorgeous. I figured since I liked them, so would you guys, so I thought I'd do a quick pimp. He's selling them for about $30 (and he's willing to take commissions or suggestions for other types of animals), so shoot him an e-mail at or check out his blog, Tales of Woe. Here's a detail shot for a closer look at the final product:

Go! Buy fetuses! Support scientific anomalies!
Tags: art, baron von fogel, fetuses, friends, pimp
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