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So, I've sort of fallen off the face of Livejournal for a few weeks now BUT I CAN EXPLAIN. I've been house-sitting for one of the Illustration professors here at risd and, while the do have internet, it's dial-up and I can't hook up to it. In other words, I have very small windows of internet access during the day back in Providence, but otherwise I'm pretty stranded. But now I'll put up a huge pile of art for those of you who don't already follow my DeviantArt, which is a little backwards, but what the hell. Image-heavy, obviously.

First off, as you all probably know by now, I'm in a comics class that is both amazing and draining. Shanth Enjeti is one of the coolest guys I've ever run across, and his instinctual knowledge of composing comics is so overwhelming that I can't help but work my butt off in an attempt to impress him each week. Our first assignment was a two-page comic, no words, that would "knock his socks off." Proverbially, I assume, since his socks were still well-situated by the end of the critique, but I did this- and yes, I know Anubis is the one who feeds Ammut the hearts, I just wanted to draw Horus:

Secondly, a six-panel (same size) comic chronicling a historic event... Photobucket shrunks this one, so you can check out the full-size version on my DA account. I did the 1986 viewing of Lumiére's short film of a train coming at the camera. People freaked.

And then my two-page "conflict resolution" piece, which I still want to fiddle with a bit but am otherwise quite proud of:

And then pretty ink work rom my pen & ink class. Woo!

Whew, that was a lot.

Enjoy. :)
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