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I love the fact that I managed to leave my mech. pencil at home- I still have the red lead, so I'm hoping I can salvage an extra from Maddy so I can finish working on my tiger-chick dancer pinup... Rawrr. Looking at Ursula Vernon's art is rather inspiring, as she, in my opinion, draws the ideal 'classy' pinups; I wouldn't regret following in her footsteps, as long as my morals stand strong.

I'm picky 'bout that.

So onto other topics- I had the weirdest dream last night. Lots of dealings with Mr. Miller for some odd reason, in that I was going to school in some odd sort of central-plan, wood paneled building with a myriad of staircases. I've been there before in my dreams, and I can never seem to figure out where my classes are (they apparently shift rooms on the hour or something of the like)- this time I inquired to Miller where everything was. We talked, which was nice, and then I mentioned my shoulder pains as of late. For some odd reason, he managed to fix it by punching me in the shoulder; amazing, really.

And then came the ultimately confusing part, in which a suddenly younger Mr. Miller (i.e. late thirties... Hrm.) took me back in time to the twenties- to some flapper joint- and we went dancing and ate stuff. I did feel pretty cool, nonetheless, decked all out in pre-depression era garb, but I'm rather confused as to the dream's significance. If any.
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