Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Having the opening scene of The Mist involve the main character painting a picture of Roland Deschain of Dark Tower fame thrilled me to no end. I really enjoyed the film, actually, and love that it was such a creature flick; if occasional but well-used gore doesn't squick you, I'd definitely recommend it.

We also went to see Enchanted afterwards as a sort of light-hearted compliment to The Mist so we wouldn't be remarkably depressed on our way home, which was nice. I managed to see it over Thanksgiving break with my family, but loved seeing it again and cannot get the damn songs out of my head. The urge to start an internet meme getting everyone to draw themselves as disney princesses is overwhelming...

I have so much art to post, so apologies for the backlog. I'm not totally happy with lots of my recent comic work, but that's probably me just being picky.

Tags: movies
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