Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel


So... I can't draw right now. It kinda sucks.

I have a lot of little art things with little art deadlines that I need to finish in the near future, and yet this whole break has been a complete bust on the productivity front. I finished up one pin-up that I'm extremely proud of, but otherwise a small sketch of a cute Hawai'ian girl about sums up my body of work these past few weeks. Considering that I need to be plowing ahead on my Turbine work, finishing up something for Steampunk magazine, and coming up with some twenty pin-ups for the Fetish Fair Fleamarket on the weekend of the 11th, well, I'm not sittin' too pretty.

Oh, yeah, by the by, my roommates and I have a booth at the upcoming Fleamarket selling cards, stationary, etc. with a pin-up theme, so stop by or send brainwaves support.

Anyway, had to vent. Trying to figure a way out of this slump by tomorrow. We shall see.
Tags: rant

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