Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Art Dump, Summer Edition

I know, I owe you guys big time, so have a huge pile of art, some of which I forgot to post back in October. Yay! But this first one isn't that old, since I just finished it this morning, so I'll start off with that and we can go from there.

I did a redesign of Ahsoka Tano, the new character in the upcoming Clone Wars movie, since her current design (on the right) in no way adheres to Genndy's original aesthetic and ends up looking like some generic skinny, doe-eyed thing... Completely disregarding what makes the Togruta, and in turn Shaak Ti, look so flippin' awesome. So yeah. I took a stab at it.

The ever-so-tiny whale, Omayok, and the seal who torments him, and the reason why said tormenting doesn't get very far:

And then there's all of my Cuteaceous Period stuff, which I've been developing in secret I guess. Or I've been to lazy to post it? Who knows. They're meant for licensed products and the like, thus the bath-themed second set. Shower curtains, people! Shower curtains. Pardon the widths.

And, finally, an introduction to my Perdita™ line of subversive toile and party products! This was my final assignment for licensing class, and so Ideveloped prototypes with lots of 18th century people doing suggestively naughty 18th century things.

And I'm out. Whew.
Tags: art, more art
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