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Oh, Duncan Idaho- when will you ever learn?

He died in Dune, but now's he's back (his flesh and memories, anyway)- and his new, crazy-arse wife who came to consciousnes in the womb is cheating on him with a supposedMua'dib priest. Witch.

I enjoyed this episode much more than the previous one, though I have no idea why- I think the opening scene with sandworms was just gorgeous, for one, so it did manage to hook me from the first moment. Ah, I want a pet sandworm. Leto II and his sister work perfectly together, and Alia is, of course, just the right amount of mental... Disturbing, really. But in a good way! The visuals still (heh, Stil!) haven't ceased to amaze me, so that's a plus. I can't wait 'til tomorrow to see more shots of the pretty big-eared desert-cat things. Woo!

Now, onto more real matters... be they more serious or not.

Carravagio was fun today in Coleman's, as I personally adore the harsh contrast of the Baroque period. Math was fine as I got to show off my mad html skillz, core was fine and dandy, and... Yeah. S'about it, really. I just want to get through this week as quickly as possible! It seems to be dragging on, for a tuesday- at least Friday's a minimum day.

I think I'll sleep.

Man, I wish I lived in some cool sci-fi world wear I'd get to wear elaborate costumes and funny hats on a daily basis. Grr.

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