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Tomahn Okh Shoom'lah!

My dear friend, der Baron von Fogel, has been pestering me to post photos of my new place now that I'm so very close to being completely settled in. I'm starting to realize that I'll never be finished with the place- especially considering that I plan on hanging more art and, you know, painting the walls- so it seemed as good a time as any to get it over with and post photos. And, to fully drill in the trappings of domesticity, I've been cooking!

Okay, let's start this off with the basics; firstly, the arguably sweet bathroom with ecologically sound dual flush toilet. Exciting! I went for a general lime and chocolate colour scheme in here, though the photos only vaguely capture that. Also a rather keen little hanging I tracked down in Utah that's eerily Mystesque:

Nextly the kitchen, which is marvelous. Having a full-sized fridge, especially when it's for only me, is quite keen. The dishwasher is also nice, though I've only used it once... When you go through an average of three dishes a day, it seems silly to have them sit in the dishwasher getting funky.

Bedroom! The queen bed was so, so very worth it. Diploma, bookshelf, keyboard- the usual trappings. I made the little fabric cover for my Bookshelf Extension Turned Desk Hutch out of some awesome deer toile I had lying around:

And what bedroom is complete without a huge closet, vintage ranger photos, and a Penny Arcade poster?

Now for the tiki, as was previously promised. The dining area starts edging in on the theme, though the Dinotopia prints sort of kick it out of being cohesive. Am still notably proud of my chair covers, and I love those little shakers:

Next the living room, which I've definitely been putting the most work into Tiki-wise. I'm using small Billy Ikea bookcases for my numerous DVD's, and painted up some media tikis for the glass doors. I love the Xbox tiki, if only for the subtle little X on his forehead. WIN. Also- lots of games from work that I really need to tuck into:

...The opposite side with Papasan chair (a childhood dream come true), my flourishing ferns, and hand-sewn runner/couch cover/pillows. Whew! The coffee table has macadamia nuts and travel magazines, you know, to get you in the appropriate tiki mood.

You can also see these dude on the wall, made out of furniture boxes:

Finally, some nice details around the room- the switchplate I burned and stained, my Chris Sanders/fossil shrine with a gorgeous Josh Parpan print, and my neat-o lamp.

...And what the heck, have a panorama that actually shows some clutter (including... Snake supplies? Curious), just to get a better idea of how things connect.

Apologies for the length, but dangit, I like this place and don't mind showing it off. :D
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