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I'm a bathysphere!

Despite having started construction on this corset in January and finished it in May, I still have yet to mention it, let alone go on about its construction; I wore it last night, and finally figured, hell- I might as well take the time to put this together with whatever photos I can track down. I designed and printed the fabric digitally before constructing it, so it's very much mine from start to finish. :D

I took a class on digital textile printing this past winter and, along with designing some repeating silk patterns, I also took it upon myself to attempt a Trompe l'Oeil corset using the Simplicity 9769 pattern which has treated me so well in the past. After digitizing the pattern, I then set to work designing the panels, taking into account how they would align, seam allowances, etc:

...Many thanks to ~FoxStox for the bits of machinery on the back panels, which I adore. I then drew out a mechanical damask pattern for the lining. I ended up using the blue & brown colour scheme on the left, but I did a number of other samples during the decision process.

Here's the corset flat, along with the boned lining:

and, finally, proof that I've worn it and fill it out far better than that dress form at the top of the page:

EDIT: Forgot this detail for the Myst geeks:

So yes! Therein lies the story behind that thing. I'm definitely still in love with it.
Tags: nvpf, sewing
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