Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel


After waiting for her custom Boaphile cage, I'm proud to present Xocoyotzin (that's sho-coh-yoht-sin), the newest member of my family:

Her name means "littlest one" in Nahuatl- a name which is, for the time being, rather appropriate. I also discovered after the fact that it's Motecuzoma's second name, but here's hoping she doesn't live up to her namesake and get conquered by Spaniards. She's a Nicaraguan dwarf boa, purchased from the lovely and oh-so-talented Foxfeather, who I cannot thank enough and who will probably get a thank you card. And more of my money in the future. :)

I've been waiting to get myself a snake for years, but decided to hold off until I was out of college on my own- so glad I did. This was seriously love at first sight. I am really, really happy.
Tags: omg, pets, snakes
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