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Sometimes I get a great notion to jump in the river an' drown

Holiest of fraks.

I just want to take Felix and cuddle him. I do not exactly know what he did to have so much frak go on around him.

Do not like seeing The Old Man in such a state, but I guess that's why this is such a damn good show.

So, as to the final Cylon:
- Saul was a bit on the nose about Ellen,
- we have Kara building a pyre for her own corpse which is bound to raise eyebrows,
- and we're privy to Dee's self-destruction after the Jacks & Locket discovery planetside. Possibly a drastic response to the futility of innocence and happiness, or possibly a hint of recognition in her eyes as she hangs up the locket next to her ring...? The shot was too fast for me to check the photo.

Also worth noting- Dee's first name, Anastasia, means resurrection. That has got be relevant in some way.

So they all have memories of living on Earth, being "reborn," implying that the 13th colony consisted of Cylons... Guys, does this mean we're Cylons? Like us, right now. If so I'm torn between self-loathing and a plucky "I knew it all along" sort of attitude ever since I started hearing music in the frakking walls.

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