Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Happy Valentine's Day, communal internet boyfriend!

If you remember some previous posts of mine, we had a tradition going at risd where our Valentine's Day celebration would revolve around exchanging love letters or presents from fictional characters... Luckily our friend Casey kept the flame alive this year and had us conduct and absentee exchange. Seeing how there's about a half hour left to Valentine's Day, I think I'm allowed to post what I made.

I had two assignments the year- Bertie Wooster for my friend Lia (the result of which is very verbose and not exactly photo-worthy) and Kida, from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, for my friend Alex. The kit consisted of a note in Atlantean, Whitmore's translation, and an aqua quartz crystal that I wire-wrapped into a necklace:

...And, because I live to show off my friends, Alex dressed as an oh-so-very convincing Milo Thatch this past Hallowe'en:

Tags: art, valentine
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