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SO GUYS, this is sort of belated, but I spontaneously drove down to the Stumptown Comics Fest last Saturday morning and had an amazing time and feel compelled to tell everyone about it and pimp all the awesome people I met.

I would be lying if I didn't say a large reason for my visit was to pick up Dylan Meconis' Bite Me! book and related accoutrements, something I've been wanting ever since I printed out the whole damn thing in high school. I also threw all of my money at Dylan a few weeks back so I could acquire the original art for the cover, and it makes for a pretty awesome complete set:

If you do not know of Dylan's work stop what you're doing now, check out her stuff, and start following her current sequential endeavor, Family Man. If you're a fan of accurate 18th century costuming and eerily smart wit, also werewolves, you won't be disappointed.

I also got to spend most of my weekend hanging out with the inimitable Erika Moen, her amazing husband Matt Nolan, and my most recent artist crush Lucy Knisley (who's hubby John is also a sweetheart). I've been following Erika's comic DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary for years, so getting a print copy and getting to spend the weekend practically hanging off of her and Matt was nothing short of a joy. I drew them a portrait as a thank-you, but mostly just because they are hot peoples:

Lucy is a more recent discovery of mine (thanks to Erika, in fact), and she sports this amazingly charming, Tintin-esque ligne claire style:

She is just as smart and nice as her drawings, thankfully. She is also a complete geek (which endears her to me greatly) and painted a fabulous series of fandom portraits that span from Venture Bros. to Oscar Wilde to Kids in the Hall, so they're worth checking out.

It is late and I am not sure how much longer I should rave about these people, so here's a photo of my combined ECCC/Stumptown loot to tide everyone over:


OH MAN, almost forgot- not to reduce it to a postscript or anythin', but I also got to go out for drinks with buttfacemakani when she came up to visit Valve the Thursday before last, and it was a blast. Surprise, she is also cool in real life! Wow.
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