Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel


Have been trying to think of something topical to post for World of Warcraft's 5-year anniversary, and decided to dig through my livejournal and track down my first post about playing WoW back in 2004:


World of Warcraft is addicting. I'm this lv. 6 Dwarven hunter named Moscha who does nothing more than get quests, kill things, and ogle Mounts that cost frighteningly large amounts of gold, and yet somehow I'm having fun. And to think, this is only the first day... I can't wait until I can start, you know, getting legitimate armor and weapons. Whoa."

Awwww. And now it's two expansions later, level 6 Moscha is a distant memory, and I'm working at a game company. Oh how times change! EDIT: Feel free to post your own in the replies, I love reading these. :)

Tags: memories, warcraft
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