Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel


Poll #1514466 A Prints Inquiry

Would you be more willing to purchase prints if I sold them through the DeviantArt print shop?

Yes, purchasing prints through DA is more convenient!
Yes- I enjoy being able to choose materials, size, and other options.
No, I prefer purchasing prints directly from the artist.
I do not prefer one method over the other.
I am not interested in prints.

So, here's the rub- I offer prints through my website and whatever other venues people choose to contact me by, and have for some time. The problem lies in that the general public seems blissfully unaware of this fact, and then proceeds to A) reprimand me at conventions for "not having prints available," or B) drop their jaw incredulously when I mention selling a print or some such thing.

I've always chosen to handle things myself simply because this means I have complete quality control over my product, but I also think that it might be needlessly complicating things- that I might be missing sales due to abstaining from the convenience of selling through the DA print shop.

So anyway, yes! Poll. If you have any specific opinions on the matter, especially if you're an artist who uses/has used the print shop, don't hesitate to comment. :)
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