Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Tiny Horus up for preorder

Hey kids! My Tiny Horus toy got pushed forward into the preorder stage on Patch Together, and now it's up to you and any other interested parties to help me reach the 20 preorders required for production. The final product is going to be resin, 5" tall, and costs $29.95 while still in the pre-production stage; the price goes up to $34.95 once they start the sculpt, so be sure to put in an order now if you want to save 14%. Click on through below to check it out- if it does well, I'm hoping I can start designing the rest of the gods as a matching set. :)

Click Here!

Thanks again for everyone's help and votes,
Tags: art, egypt, merch, toys
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