Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Labyrinth and Comic-Con!

I am horrible about posting, but it's hard to resist the novelty of loading up Livejournal while on my plane down to LA/ San Diego- god bless Alaska's free on-flight wifi! Just wanted to give a quick heads up that I'll be at the Labyrinth masquerade ball tonight, and at Comic Con this coming weekend- not many solid plans yet, but I do know that I'll be helping to man the Girls Drawin' Girls booth from 3-7 on Thursday, and 12-3 Sunday. Otherwise I think I'll spend a lot of my time bebustled and hanging with the League of S.T.E.A.M., so say hi if you track me down! It's always fun running into people.

See you on the floor,
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