Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Sorry I never post art anymoooore

Shame on me, I know. Have an art dump.

Rogue/Tron crossover inspired by the SatelliteSoda Marvel/Tron contest:

Rachel from Animorphs. Just BECAUSE.

Original sketch idea for the GDG calendar, with a totally shoehorned robot pronghorn because I wanted to draw a robot pronghorn.

...And in case you don't follow me on DA, the final collaboration with the lovely Arie Monroe:

An awesome little girl and her cowboy of a grandpa that I saw at Starbucks:

Experimenting with new painting styles at work and drew a Leia. As you do.

Best thing born of an IM typo while chatting with saitenyo.

Hope that tides people over for the time being! I'm hoping to be more consistent in the future.
Tags: animorphs, art, star wars
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