Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

WoW times- Tol-vir/Ramkahen females

Claire draws some WoW fanart time!

So, it is oft bemoaned that Blizzard tends to see females as an afterthought- the Worgen females were unfinished up until the last minute (some would argue they still are), tons of the NPC races lack female equivalents, and Cataclysm added the Ramkahen/Tol'vir to that roster. BOO. I had some free time on my hands and wanted to tackle the challenge, so I whipped up some designs for female Ramkahen:

The base:

...And with armor:

And for those of you who read my journal but don't play WoW, here are the males for comparison:

I wanted to streamline the design and maintain a somewhat athletic build so they don't look waifish next to the dudes. This was hard to do as the dudes are HUGE, but I'm happy with the results- especially with the faces. If I have some time, I'm definitely going to try modeling one of these out in low poly to see how well it works in the proper context. :)

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