Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

A heartfelt missive

So I get it, Overnight Prints, you’re new at this notepad thing. You heard that the cool kids over at Vista Print were making notepads and, even though you had no goddamn idea what they were, you didn’t want to let on so Vista Print would think you were rad and choose you for kickball. We’ve all been there.

But here's the deal.  Maybe I’m being unfair, Overnight Prints, but I would at least assume the word “pad” (and the binding it implies) would lead you to affix the sheets together in some rudimentary fashion, maybe staples or used gum or something. I’m pretty sure you can head over to Wiktionary and it’s not going to say

…So, you know. that’s a start. Maybe try binding them. At least shove the cardboard backing in the shipping envelope so you can have some semblance of dignity, pretend they fell apart in the mail, your customer none the wiser. You don’t have to care, it’s okay, just wear the general guise of caring.

And while you’re at it (the rather egregious lack of actual notepaddery aside), if someone orders two of the same product, that doesn’t mean you should send them only one- poorly printed at that- and then a blank version with which they themselves can lovingly draw out their own identical copy. It’s decent paper, it really is, but I didn’t trudge through the bowels of your website in order to purchase $8.23 worth of 4 x 6” printer paper.

Again, I don’t… What is that even. How do you pack that and not think “something is wrong with this.”

Yours faithfully begrudgingly because you made my business cards,
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