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Claire Hummel

I’ve got some conventions coming up in the next few weeks, so I figured I should probably mention them ahead of time so I can get on everyone's radar:

Emerald City Comicon | Seattle, WA | March 30 - April 1, 2012

Booth LL-04, in the Gaming area on TCC LOWER LEVEL (map)
  • Just to reiterate, I'm not in the general exhibitors area/artists' alley!  ECCC has a whole gaming component this year, so I'm sequestered off with the rest of my game industry kin.
  • I’m going to have a bunch of stuff for sale!  Prints, a few remaining Tiny Horuses, Leage of Steam posters, Phenomenauts comic books...  Possibly an hastily thrown together art book, if time permits?

Norwescon 35 | Seatac, WA | April 5-8, 2012

Art & prints in the Art Show, and I'm on a frightening number of panels.  I am only just now realizing how many panels I'm on.  Good lord look at them all:
  • How to Sell Yourself | Friday 9 am | Cascade 11 
    An artist needs more than talent to be successful. One must learn how to create a polished and professional image as well. You may have intelligence and creativity; but that isn’t enough! Learn how to not only create a portfolio, but how to put your own personal best foot forward when presenting yourself and your work to shops, galleries, and publishers.
    Kate Merriwether Lynch (M), Claire Hummel, Tara Theoharis 
  • 3D - Yes or No? |  Friday 3 pm | Cascade 6 
    Movie companies and TV manufacturers are heavily invested in 3D. Is it still just a gimmick or are we witnessing the next "silent to talkies" or "black and white to color" transformation?
    Chris Nilsson (M), The Reverend En Fuego, Steven Perry, Claire Hummel, Brooks Peck 
  • Steampunk Art | Friday 9 pm | Cascade 12
    From gadgets to weapons to jewelry, we’ve all seen fabulous steampunk paraphernalia. But is steampunk only for costumes and cool devices? No, we say! Come meet artists who create both 2D and 3D pieces to see how they imagine, design, and create these beautiful steampunk works of art!
    Claire Hummel (M), Tammy Mickelson 
  • Steampunk Culture | Saturday 11 am | Cascade 3&4 
    Growing? Stagnating? What are the hot trends? Does the availability of “Steampunk” costume accessories at Value Village devalue the movement?
    Anina Bennett (M), Paul Guinan, Claire Hummel, Diana Vick 

  • Women in Gaming |  Saturday 2 pm | Evergreen 1&2 
    Our all-female panel discusses gaming concepts that attract girls, what girl gamers are looking for in games, and how to get more girls into games. They will also discuss the growing presence / awareness of women playing and designing games, and their struggles with working in the industry. If you are a woman interested in working in this industry, our panelists want to encourage you!
    Julie Haehn (M), Jessica "GiGi" Blair, Jennifer Brozek, Claire Hummel 
  • Video Game Art |  Saturday 5 pm | Cascade 12
    As technology continues to advance, more and more artists are moving into the realm of video games. Come and learn what goes into the creation of art for these games, what programs are used, what the challenges are, and what the future of the business holds.
    Joshua Howard (M), Douglas Herring, Claire Hummel, Leigh Kellogg 
  • Becoming an Industry Professional Artist |  Sunday 2 pm | Cascade 12 
    What kind of careers are out there (book covers, illustrators, video games, film, hobbies, games), and what do I need to break into those fields? What do art directors look for in your portfolio? Come to this panel to learn about what you need in order to break into the professional world of media arts.
    Joshua Howard (M), John Picacio, Paul Guinan, Claire Hummel, Leigh Kellogg

  • ...Aaaaaanyway.  Swing by and say hi!  I would love to meet all of you lovely people.  I'll keep updating this over the next few weeks with any pertinent or EXCITING info,


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