June 8th, 2002

me :: lake mary

I looove this incense...

My sister graduated from high school this morning. Interesting, I ca't in the slightest image not havng her around to bug me or for me to blame things on. She's planning on going to Gettysburg, because she adores the civil war and the people there. Ah, motivation... We went to lunch at a fancy restaurant and I had fancy chicken with fancy mashed potatoes & rather advanced cheezy bread- mm, cheeese. It was delicious, until my cousin & I got into a dispute over vegetarianism. He was quite gung ho about converting me back to being an herbivore, so, um, yeah.

I missed art school today, for the second time this session. We were doing costumes, so I'm quite distressed that I missed out on it. Ah, well. I invited Maddy over afterwards to see Spirit again... 3D and 2D still don't mix, even the third time. As pretty as the animation is, the plot rather drags on towards the end... 'He's captured, he's free- wait, no, nevermind' and so on. I still enjoyed it, and we went out for food & stuff-buyin' afterwards. We got cookies an' Sees candy-raspberry. So yummy. I got some new incense, including 'egyptian musk' & 'Nag Champa,' and a new wolfen incense holder 'cause the woman was a reeeally good salesperson.

We stopped off at borders, and I bought a book on petroglyphs. Brings back memories of wandering the southwest when I was seven, searching for sioux rock drawings and such...

On another topic, my entire family seems to be maiming themselves today. My mother, in a rush this morning, cut off part of her finger while slicing flowers for my sister's graduation and had to go to the emergency room. It was odd, as my family doesn't use doctors or medecine and instead relies on prayer- she just had the finger stitched & set and she'll hopefully be healthied up soon enough... Then my dad had our birdfeeder crash on his face this evening and he got cut up- yucky.

I need to go draw... no art trades, though.

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