June 11th, 2002

me :: lake mary


I have to go study for my exam on marxim/socialism/communism tomorrow. Thrill. As fascinating as political theory is, I haven't had any time recently to simply sit down and draw something. Damn Mr. Coleman and his brainwashing. Daaamn hiiim...

Not to mention that mom hasn't bought that bristol board for me yet, either... Grr.
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me :: lake mary

For the love of...

I tire of this world sometimes. It looks so terribly nice from some angles, and yet so corrupted from others...

My friend at school, Ashley, smokes. And, in recent conversations, I've also found that she also drinks and drugs up. Hm. I asked her why she always did this to herself, and her reply was simply "Because I can't live without them." How is it that anyone can live a life so dependant on material yearning without going slowly insane?
Sadly, it's through the examples that are some of my aquaintances at school that I've furthered my conviction that I refuse to allow myself to be controlled by material substances. I can't imagine ever losing myself, who I am, simply to 'escape the world.'

As sucky as this world can seem, I'd rather live with it than be consumed by it.
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