June 14th, 2002

me :: lake mary

Hm, well I'm happy.


Even though I have finals next week, I'm just so content at the moment after playing with my doggies this afternoon. I realized today that, in contrast to my other boston terrier, Sparky seems to have an affinity for the spray nozzle on the hose. Her whole face lights up and she chases the stream wherever you drag it, practically playing catch with it. She then tries to drink straight from the nozzle, just getting soaked and ending up hacking up water she accidentally took in with a breath...

It's just so damned CUTE. Man, she just seems so happy, stumbling over the water and biting at it. She's only nine months now, and yet she's so embraced life already. Wow, I love my dogs.


Aside from that, I also had an interesting day at school today. I presented a PP project in AP Biology about animal imprinting and communication, and then did another presentation in my humanities class- this time of our personal design for a 'utopia.' Mine was 'Spirinatura,' an' it was all pretty & illustrated.

I got an A on it, despite the fact that I was upstaged by Madison, my classmate, who went before me. She had a summer-based utopia, and thus stripped down to the bare minimum, if not less, of clothes required on campus and talked about 'smoking herbs and going to the beach' and such. Herbs? Yeah, right Madison. It was entertaining to watch the expressions on everyone's faces, though, during the presentation.

Ah, how could I beat out sex appeal...? Silly me. Well, I'm off to draw crap. Here's some stuff I did the other day that I liked, to keep people satiated:

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