June 25th, 2002

me :: lake mary


Finaly got back to work yesterday- it's nice, gives me something to do with my summer rather than doodling and sleeping. Keeps my hands busy.

Neopets is awesome, as annoying as it can be to force yourself to draw something to such a specific design. I do like the freedom they allow us with character design, lets me have fun. I'm working on some dragon pets at the moment- Cybunny, Acara & Chia- that look pretty cool. They're eeevil. I hate having to always shrink down my images to 150x150 once I'm done... You lose precious detail. Sigh.

Yesterday I went shopping during my lunch break, to use up the hour I had (Eventually got some La Salsa nummies.) fer it. I got a present fer my buddy, Maddy, at the Dizzey store, and I bought the 'Lilo & Stitch: Collected Stories from the Film's Creators' for myself. Gorgeous book, awesome character development ssketches and such.

Lissa might come to neopets next week to work, which'd be awesome. Lissa's an amazing artist, and she'd be a great asset to this company. She'd add lissa-numminess. Mmm, Liiissa. Speaking of eating Lissa- I mean, speaking of the devil, she's bein' all nice and we're gonna go to dizzeyland on thursday for a few days to hang out. I's so excited! Sooo much merchandise to buy... Gah.

Well, I'm off to draw crap. Thrill.

I hope I don't get carpal tunnel syndrome...
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