July 2nd, 2002

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Disneyland and such sillyness.

I've been horribly lazy over the past few days, and thus haven't really gotten around to writing in my journal. Okay, here's the meat:

I left with Lissa on Thursday for Dizzeyland, and we stopped off in Laguna on the way- right near where my grandpappy lives. We visited an art college, namely the 'Laguna Institute of Art' or something of that sort. The campus was miniscule, but it seems like a wonderful school- the animation program has produced some wonderful work, and I suddenly have an urge to go college scouting... Hm.

Dizzeyland was awesome, and I haven't had so much fun in quite some time. I hung out with Lissa, Austin (her cousin) and Camille (Austin's female friend) and we ran around the park like little idiots. I love Disney, and I always have- Disneyland makes me so happy, everytime I visit, and there's nothing else like it. Quite the rush, really... I want to go back... Sigh. Well, anyways- We went on several rides Thursday night- Matterhorn, Big Thunder (twice, Pirates of the Carribean and the Haunted House. Wow, Tony the Tiger can sound so foreboding, is veery creepy. Food was good, churros never fail me...

Never leave me, churros; never leave me.

Yah. Friday was packed full of stuff, and we wandered around Disneyland more, mainly shopping and buying tons of Lilo & Stitch stuff. I got a new toy that oozes goo... Cool. It's adorable, and I'm very satisfied with it. I also got the four of us Lilo & Stitch pins, though Austin was poo & didn't wear it. Speaking of Lilo & Stitch, we saw it again on Friday- it was just as good, if not better, the third time 'round. The AMC had a giant inflated stitch outside the theatres... We slapped it's butt. Hee, stitchbutt. The bathrooms in there were puuurdy... Theyhad space chairs, which were nice. Austin wouldn't come in to the restroom so we could show him, which was oddly disappointing... Sigh, men.

Indiana Jones is now defenitely one of my favourite rides at the park of disneyness. We went on it twice, and it made me all happy-like. I got to howl and creep out the people in front of me, not to mention touching the walls of the ride as I stuck out my legs. Fuuun. We also went on StarTours, which I've officially memorized. Stpid droid...

Stupid comet. I shake my fist at it. We ate at BucadeBeppos that night, which be delicious. We had pasta and the like, which was nummy, and me and Lis had an art war in the meantime. We talked a while about how we both liked eachothers' art and always have, and I think it cleared up some tension that had been lingering over the past few days. Unconciously I think the two of us had bgun fighting for the spotlight art-wise, so we collaborated (finally) and eased off. Lissa's cool... I don't want to lose her as a friend. Life's been tough for her recently, but I'm sure she'll surface eventually.

Oh yeah- Camille gets lost a lot. And she stole a lollipop from the candystore at dizzeyland. I bought mints for us all. Yummy.

I went home on Saturday after visiting California Adventure briefly so as to go on California Screamin'... Such a great ride. My sister had come back from Gettysburg, so We hugged after not seeing eachother for such a while. Sh brought me home a Gettysburg shirt, and a Spirit puppet which rocked. We drove to Laguna for my first cousin, once removed Julianna's wedding. She looked beautiful, and Lee, her now-husband, is the sweetest. The wedding was simple yet beautiful, and Julianna made necklaces for me, Emily and my cousin, Amanda. They're beautiful, and I've been wearing mine since. The reception afterwards was nice, though we had to stand for far too long at the beginning. The food was delicious, as was the cake and chocolate covered strawberries afterwards.

I made wax forks by sticking forks in hot wax, then in water, forming a wax mold around them. God,was I bored.

I danced with Lee for a while, after he asked me. He was so very courteous, and we talked about everything for a while. He was a simple dancer, and he really seemed like the right one for Lee. The next morning we all had brunch at my Grandpa's house, though me, Amanda and Jackie (faroff relative, but she's the greatest...) ditched to get chocolate shakes & fries at Johnny Rockets. T'was so delicious... I talked with Matt later that day ('nother relative", and it turns out he likes dead animal parts too. He loved my necklace and coyote teeth (with which I punctured my foot the other day, thank you very much) and Iwas flattered. I drew in the sand, but the water make it go away. I's getting tired. I worked yesterday and today, I drew some awesome pictures for the merchandise, I want to see Lilo and Stitch again.

Wow, what a non-thinking entry... I'll write something more philosophical later...
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