July 6th, 2002

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For the love of Pete, why?

Okay. This is breif, cuz I gotta pack, but why in the world do people create omnipotent characters? Seeing this online immediately sets off a signal in my mind, as in 'what the hell's the fun in that?' How can your character and/or personal have no faults, no weaknesses? Character falws are what make plots, and life, work. Omnipotent characters, to me, see to just be pointless, unless, they're based in the fact that they can control others.

The worst is someone who says they themselves are omnipotent. I won't mention any names, but someone recently on a messageboard stated that they were a were-dragon- unconvincing enough in their overly buff drawing of themselves. But then they posted that they morph whenever they feel threatened into an ultimate dragon of sorts. They then claimed that they could survive in space, they had infinite strength, could turn into pure energy, they had fire/ice/breath weapons, they had energy beams from their hands with a 10,000 mile range, indestructability, levitation, hyperdrive, 'pulse waves for wings,' and that they're omnipotent (which I thought would've simply encompassed everything else... hm). My head alarm went off.

What in hell were they thinking? For one, no one I know's omnipotent or indestructable. and claiming that your 'were'-self, your spiritualit,y is as such disturbs me. It just proves the further 'cheapening' of therianthropy as if it's an f-ing RP game. I rarely get this pissed about something, but this is just wrong. I hate this crap. I absolutely despise it.

Man, what a bad note to leave for a trip on. Mrf.

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