July 31st, 2002

me :: lake mary


It's been quite a while since I last posted, before the Europe trip. I think I tired myself out of journal-writing in Italy, but I do promise to post my trip blog later today for everyone to see and gawk at.

Hrm. Life's been fine recently, save a few awkward moments. My neopets stuff has been turning out great, though there's one assignment I've been avoiding due to the fact that I'm not very talented at drawing fields of berries. I picked up David Clement-Davies' new book, The Sight, a few days ago and am enjoying it immensely. This one's about wolves, though it does draw some annoyingly similar tangents to the plot of fire bringer- meh, I'm over it. It's still good. Takes me a while to get through it, as I'm so dead tired every day coming home from work. Blurgh.

I haven't been able to draw anything recently, apart from stuff for work. I want to build up a quick portfolio fer comicon next week with Lissa, but I can't pull meself to put anything together. I've got the inspiration, but, due to the amount of said inspiration, it's blocking the export option in my brain at the moment. Grr. I've decided to work on a family portrait of oak's board to get mysle fback in the groove- it's pretty standard, so it's coming out well. I've finished inking five heads so far, so I've got a lot left, but it gives me something t'do in my free time. I reeeally want to draw different species (with the assistance of my new 'Animal' book) to post on yerf, to be original, but I can't pull it off. Why not, dammit? Grr.

I'm so frustrated with that...

But I'm over it for now. I still haven't seen Reign of Fire, so that's something to look forward to... Oh yeah, I got a new commission (not Merick's, though that's nice too...)! Unsolicited, I got an e-mail from the head of the semi-pro anthro magazine, Anthrolations, saying that he wanted to commission some of my artwork for a story in the magazine and the back cover, if I'd like. This reeeally made me happy, and hopefully I'll start building up some more moolahsh.

I better go work now... I'd rather be of talking and comforting my 'troubles-a-many' friends online, but that'll have to wait. Why are so many damned people depressed right now? Gah.
me :: lake mary


Hrm.. What's that feeling in my mouth? It's not a wisdom tooth, is it? I hope not. It wasn't there yesterday. God it hurts. Now my mouth feels crowded... That little dent is only on one side. Creepy. Why's there a dnt? I don't like dents. Do I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled, then? Soon? Hrrm...