August 13th, 2002

me :: lake mary


My friends all seem so troubled right now. What's wrong? What's tainting the air that causes us to feel such foul emotions? I share this putrid breath, and it brings me trauma which knows no bounds- it's infecting my mind with lost hopes and dreams, with fear, loathing, guilt. Regret. And yet light shines through, there will be another day. One day, I will lift myself up in triumph. I will howl. My sisters and brethren beside me, I will howl.

We will conquer this beast. This plague. It will not control me, not now- not ever. I will defend myself. My mind has powers before unseen, and it will not submit to the cruelty of this world. Not as my creativity, my spirit, rises up in all its beauty, rearing its beautiful head to be seen by all.

The good and the evil. The angels and myrmydons. The discriminate ones and those who discriminate against them. Those who are leaders. Those who are followers...

...One day...


One will rise above the other.

Fuck the other.ÿ
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