August 24th, 2002

me :: lake mary

Heh, craaazy.

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Date Created:2002-03-24
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An awkward little artist who finds herself fascinating with the most peculiar things, be they Lewis Carroll or deer bo nes. Constantly in a state of unfounded gaiety, Shooms is prone to breaking out in song, or a new pair of jeanses, at any time.
Strengths: Humourous, with a sharp wit (so sharp it's almost dull) and even sharper... Ballpoint pen. Philosophical at some sort of level, a nd, contrariwise, rather easily pleased.
Wea knesses: Good spicy foodses, animals that are cute in that 'not-quite-so-cute-as-they-are-appealing-in-a-creepy-offbeat-sort-of-way.' Easily pleased, and has a desperate inner urge to prove herself to others and/or insu lt the idiocy of a good percentage of humanity.
Special Skills: Draws good stuff, and is undaunted by large tasks and burdens. Also, apparently, can sing yote song.
Weapons: Rabid Bite of Doom™, cutting wit, and a snarl which would make any unintelligible nitwit scream wi th horror. Unintelligible horror.
Quote: 'Claire! Claire's left hand! Machete! No hand! Claire can't draw! Claire dies... Die, Claire, die!' -Kay</span>

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