September 1st, 2002

me :: lake mary


I was drawing in a sort of 'live' oekaki today, just for the hell of it- people will just sit and watch you draw, commenting on how amazing you are, etc. Kind of annoying, but hell- it's fun to draw crap and have people compliment it. Anyways, I drew a tiger hissing at some scottish mouse thing for a guy named 'Dubby,' and we were all chatting and having a blast. He emailed me the saved picture for my convenience, and, um, a picture of himself.

That aaalways makes me cautious.

This seemingly hip-with-the-times guy turns out to be some tall and ominous man named Phillip, who looks as if he should be teaching philosophy in a small, uptight college right outside of Sussex.

His wording in the letter was rather flirty, and I must admit that I'm rather creeped out now. Uh uh, no crazy english guys for me... I think I'll pass. I'm really creeped out now, as the idea of getting hit on by anyone named Phillip (but who goes by Dubby online...?) makes me want to shoot myself.
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