September 29th, 2002

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I've spent the last few days over at Lissa's house, as my parents are visiting my sister up in Gettysburg. I almost wish that I could've gone, y'know, an' visit Oakpaw- but I had business here in good ol' California. School's been awful hectic recently, as much as I've been enjoying it. Mr. Miller rocks my world, and I'm absolutely in love with the man. He has tatoos and piercings, for gods' sakes- and hair wraps. Ah, loveable Chris Miller. Nonetheless, Math ANALysis plagues my mind, and I never have the patience to finish up the homework.


Been participating a ton in the rant against fake weres and native american designs online nowadays- I have so much inspiration for art, and yet I can't put any of it to paper. Lots of Egyptian stuff has been floating around my brain (thanks, AP Art History...), not to mention several miscellaneous animal and mythological creature designs. First off I have to finish up any commissions I've got- I don't have any deadlines, except for my Anthrolations cover. That's due the first, so I've got almost no time to finish that up- the others I'll finish eventually... Man, I hate being pressed for time.

I also have storyboarding & animation class to worry 'bout- it only piles more work onto my already full schedule. Gladly, Mr. Kaedy's pretty lenient when it comes to my classwork (he thinks I draw good stuffs), so I'm sure it won't totally interfere.

I saw Spirited Away today with Lissa and Simone (fwee!), and I'll see it again next weekend with my parents- thankfully, it'll be subbed- no more dubbing for me, if I can help it. It was a breathtaking film, the animation, backgrounds and overall designs were just... Gah. I love Studio Ghibli, everything they produce is wonderful. The plot is so terribly enthralling, ytou don't even notice that it's a two-hour long feature film. Woo.

Well, I'm off to see if I can finish up that damned Anthrolations thing... Sadly, I can't digitize it while I'm at Lissa's.
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