October 9th, 2002

me :: lake mary


Commissions. I've got to finish my damned commissions. I've got all this inspiration right now for new pieces, but I'm backlogged til forever... Grah! I got new acrylics, and some cool little paper maché boxes at JoAnne's, and I can't wait to try 'em out.

I finally decided on an elven All Hallow's Eve costume- it'll double when I go to see the two towers, and I can wear my cape and look awesome. Woo, go Tolkien!! I'm using crushed velvet for the pattern (moreover, my mother's using crushed velvet...), and the colours are gorgeous. Hopefully the store will get in some more, as I think we're short a yard of the main fabric. This'll be a fun project.

We have to design assemblages in CORE, which'll be fun. I'm going to do an all-natural one, also known as a "fetish" oddly enough, and I've been slowly gathering up materials. I'd love to go hiking a bit to see if I could find some bones, but I don't really have the time, or the place... I'm thinking of using my yote teeth, leather, feathers, tons of awesome wood pieces I have about, etc... Cool.

I'm gonna go each baked cheese-snacks now. Cheezits rock my world. And, finally, offical look up word of the post: Akhenaten. Just type it into Google, and check out what you come up with. You'll enjoy it.