January 19th, 2003

me :: lake mary


Just got back from the autograph session with Brad Dourif, and I seem to be in some sort of daze at the moment- well, at least according to my good friend Maddy who faithfully came to the show with me.

I wandered about the entire room before coming upon Brad, upon which I gleefully squealed and promptly began to claw at my own neck in hapiness. It actually turned rather red and, using this as an excuse to walk about and regain my composure, me and Maddy walked off and I petted my poor neck. Poor, poor neck. We came back for another look a good, say, five more times, and Maddy consequentially cleaning the puddle that was me and my drool off of the floor each time. We then stopped to look at some Two Towers prints and I frantically rambled on to Maddy about what I should say.

Walking over again (he was talking to someone at the time, so I took the advantage to slow down my damned heartbeat), I pleaded a quick 'Help me, Maddy...' and, to my surprise, she imply shoved me over in his direction.

Startled and looking up, it turned out that whomever was talking to Mr. Dourif had left, and I was standing there, very awkwardly darting my eyes from Maddy to Brad. Turning with a nervous laugh I introduced myself and kneeled down to get on eye level with him sitting at the table. I then went on to say how much I had loved his work in both Lord of the Rings and Myst III Exile ('Aw, why thank you!'), and that he was a wonderful character actor, and that he was a wonderful embodiment of the Gríma in the books, and so on. He was apparently very apprecitve, and we talked on a bit about the part for some time. I too (without reading the last post, actually...) asked him about the tear and its relationship to Éowyn, if any, and I got a similar response- that he was overwhelmed with what he had actually done- and an add on of, 'you know, you're the second person to come up and ask me that today!' I of course silently figured that one of my Leechcraft buddies had something to do with it... Heh.

I then mentioned Saavedro again, from Myst III Exile, and he said, like me, that he had loved the games and thought they were revolutionary. He had beaten the first one all on his own ('Good for you!' I applauded...), and had his 'bio-chemist friends' asking him to help them with the games; cute. According to his anecdote, to paraphrase, he had shown his girlfriend (grr) the game after she had come out of the shower, and had left for an audition- only coming back to find her in the nude sitting at the computer and still playing the game.

Yes, I know you all wish it was you.

I then of course got an autograph, and asked for a photo. After talking quickly to a person who had come buy as he stood up, he turned to me and said 'We'll do it like this.' and put his arm around my shoulders. We talked for a bit as he had his arm around me, and then took the picture.

I smiled and thanked him for everything, and wished him some luck... Then, in a sudden spur of the moment sort of thing, I turned to him with a quick 'Um, err... Well-'

And I hugged him. Just downright pinned his arms to his sides and hugged with all my physical might. He said 'Aaaaaaaaww!' in response, and hugged back. I stammered a goodbuy, and went to have a drink. I think I'm going to explode.
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