February 10th, 2003

me :: lake mary


I just purchased my livejournal account, so I'll start making my own mood icons tonight if I can find the time. Go me!

My puppy (the one with wall-eyes) decided to chew up stuff today- my mum welcomed me home by saying she had chewed up a pen- no big, but, y'know, she should be too old for this. I walk up stairs to find she chewed up my tablet stylus, which isn't necessarily 'just another pen'. Grr- as if the wires and circuits sticking out weren't a dead giveaway, mum. I ordered a replacement for my now mangled & very-pointy stylus, which drained me of a good sixty bucks. Ouch. Suprisingly, the pen itself still works- it just hurts my hand.

Life's good... I'm in Miller's homegroup, and I love that man. Ah.
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me :: lake mary


... Thought I'd put this in a separate post, as it's a rant. Enjoy.

Why in the world are people so fixated upon the idea that illustration isn't true art? It's beginning to reeeally rub me the wrong way. It's as if simply because a piece of art (not necessarily mine, per sé) uses linework, it's not worth the viewer's time. What in hell?

I continue to get crap daily for working in a less-than-realistic style, something which I prefer in the majority of my art- I still have the ability to portray the realistic human form, I've just chosen otherwise. Despite it being my art, I'm bombarded for 'cartoonizing' Tolkien or whatnot because it shames the work. And yet that Hilderbrandt crap is acceptable? If anything, that colourful, happy, demeaning womenkind' shit should be banned. They look stoned, for Christ's sake! And since when do anonymous commenters have the right to determine what's an acceptable or 'right' portrayal of Tolkien? Why is it that no one ever complains of the constant mis-representation of classic faerie tales suh as Sleeping Beauty? Only because they know they can act like a pompous bufoon stutting about as if they're the most hardcore of Tolkien fans.

I'm tired.