February 26th, 2003

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I rarely update this damned thing, and, if I actually do (which I plan to do more nowadays, I swear...) it's never at school. But now it is! Mr. K got a new flatscreen Mac in the animation room, and as such I have some nifty net access while I sit about and dawdle.

Fun, fun, fun.

Okay, here we go wif a major update: Sunday before last I went to see TLK in Imax with my online/offline bud, Chelsea(SpiritWolf77). It was awesome and, well, big, and it's definitely got me- if only temporarily- hooked back on to the TLK fandom. I want to make sure that I don't get obsessed again, mind you, as the last time I did that it slowly leeched away my inspiration.

Oh, you're no fun anymore.

I've got to start working on my many commissions- I have no idea anymore what in the world I actually have t'do, which can't be good. I already lost my Anthrolations commission, out of the blue, and I'd rather that didn't have to happen again- I have been keeping better track, though, and I already finished up some church flyers on time, phew. Combined with schoolwork, our sensitivity Task Force (to the extreme!) and an attempt to grope myself up a bit of free time, I don't really think sleep is an option anymore. *whunk*

Life drawing, if anything, has been a complete life saver recently. I'm totally absorbed into my work when we're doing a pose, and my recent acrylic pieces have turned out very nice. The human body is a beautiful thing, and I sure as hell get a kick outta drawing nekkid' people.. Hrr.

Naw, I kid.

On a more serious note, I've been spending as much time as is possible delving into my own spirituality as opposed to making assumptions about it. I still feel incomplete- my metaphysical beliefs feel as if they ring true, yes, but my self-identity has been rather shifty as of late. Grr. Therianthropy is a difficult concept to solidify, or otherwise truly put to paper, and so I've begun dropping the term and just saying I'm a Shoomist. I'm wolf, I still hold that part of my soul dear, but I just wonder if there's more. Going through the race & gender units in humanities has been rather heart-wrenching, and every day I feel as if I have to redefine who I am.

I wish I could burn some incense at school, but no. Sigh. Damn it all to hell. Maybe I'll just start listening during break... Just listening. Hrm.

To finish off, some of the new TLK art I've been working on- go fetch:

Well, I'm off to study and draw Woda'abe nomads for my own good. Thanks to everyone who's done some prayerwork fer my pup, I lurf you all. *eats*
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