March 4th, 2003

me :: lake mary

Christ Almighty.

... Ooor not.

I'm a spot tired and shagged out after a long squawk, but I might as well write up some stuff nonetheless. Hey, look- new motif-

Fun, no? Ahrm, now, back to business. I've been recording Stargate as of late (following Chelsea's lead) and have consequently found myself involved in yet another obsession. Daniel Jackson is Surprisingly addicting, really! On a related note, I also just started reading Dune and can't put it down; I'm hoping I'll be done by the time Children of Dune comes out, and it's going pretty fast anyway... I'm riding on a wave of desert-themed artistic inspiration. Woot!

High School Exit Exams are allowing us to come into school at about eleven, which is relaxing- of course, two out of three days I'm spending in AP classes. Damn it all. I will, though, savor tomorrow, maybe going out to breakfast with some friends or whatnot.

Ah, time.
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