March 6th, 2003

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Man. I am really getting tired of fan communities right about now. It seems as evil characters no longer even have the capacity to simply be dark and gloomy anymore. NO, now they have to have a motive. Sure, that sounds fine at first, but it's really getting out of hand.

Severus Snape, methinks (similar characters, i.e. Scar, tend to get the same fan treatment), is the epitome of the distortion of antagonists in fan communities. Instead of allowing the character to just be pensieve and moody an' mephistophelian, fans have the tendency to attatch their own sort of back story onto the character, claiming it to be canon material, and then running about saying 'Oh, well, they're good on the inside... Really! They're just tortured souls with traumatizing childhoods!'

Sooo... Whence goes the evildoing, then?

Though all these fans claim to be eeevil (grr) and Slyyytherins (arr), they make their favourite evil character out to be this sweet, gooey, poetic love slave who's tormented past leads him to be antisocial, and yet extremely susceptible to some good sex-uppin'. This is not Severus in the least- at least according to (gasp!) the actual books.

I grew to love the character of our dear Potions Professor as he was in the books, cosequently disagreeing with his motives and/or actions in some situations as, of course, I'm not him. Unlike me, though, online chicks just try to twist him to match their personalitie, so they can follow in his footsteps and show their true colours as Alan Rickman's ULTIMATE FAN.

Fan of someone else, nonetheless.

So, this then takes me to the point of this rant. Read on... Please.

Gríma Wormtongue. Advisor to King Théoden, and wanna-be lover of our dearest Éowyn (pictured above, cuz I likes her freckles. Yay!). Sadly, though, Gríma is being slowly tortured and malformed, yet again, by his fandom.

Gríma is becoming Snape-ified.

Reading through livejournal communities, Wormy has become sexy, caring, love-tortured, and hot as all get out. Wait- we're talking about Wormtongue here. Brad Dourif. I mean, I adore the Dourif-man with all my might, I've hugged him, but he's not sexy. No, no, no. Charming in an off-kilter sort of way; unnerving. Yes, he's that. But not...

...Hot. Dear lord, how I hate that scummy little word. It becomes a fill-in for anyone who's typing at far too fast a rate to actually be thinking, as if a person can't just be, y'know, appealing . Gríma Wormtongue is a depthy character, and wonderful, and I find him fascinating, but I wish people would stop writing NC-17 fanfiction about him. He's Worm- he's probably never had sex, nor does he seem like the type who would in the near future. And who wants to picture our dearest royal advisor in the nude?

I didn't think so.

So why do they (the loyal contingent of fangirls) continue to figure out every possible slash pairing for Gríma? Why do they misinterpret sheer hatred between characters in the books and films as a thin fascade convering deeper, more lustful emotions? I don't know.

For me, Gríma is still a slimy little wimp-geek who's killed by, of all things, hobbit archers, and he does hate Éomer. Not passionately love, but hate. Haaate.

And that's why I love him.
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