March 7th, 2003

me :: lake mary


Today was fun, spent the night over at Maddy's last night with the vorpal Lissa... Crazy fun.

We went to rent videos at Blockbuster after I got me some pants, and ended up renting(after noticing a severe lack of 'Young Sherlock Holmes') Stargate SG-1 (Children o' the Gods... So good.), Atlantis & The Dark Crystal. I haven't seen Dark Crystal or Atlantis in quite some time now, so I got some good remeniscing done.

Soo many Atlantean plot holes.

I decided to sleep over after getting delicious rice to devour, which was pleasant considering that I had no need to get up early in the morn (gasp- 10!) to go to art. I consequently ended up rising 'round eight, but that's beside the point, and playing a myriad of soundrack tunes on the synthesizer- Aah, Lord o' the Rings: the telephone ring symphony. La.

We walked up to Whole Foods around eleven, and wandered over to the 'grassy whatnot' after filling ourselves with raspberries and chocolate.

Grassy whatnot is, for one, fun, and is also the last spot of any semblance of nature left in LA... And probably not for that long. It consists of a stream, lots o' trees and tall grasses, and rattlesnakes. Fwee!

We were planning to sit about and sketch, but I ended up wandering about in the stream in my tevas and getting a kick out of watching my feet go numb... Lookit them go. The stream was surprisingly refreshing, and I can never regret frolicking about outside and making little Andy Goldsworthy-esque nature scultures of ankhs and stone henges (not Stonehenge, a stone henge. Durr.). I wish I could go more often, but I rarely find the time to- it relaxes my inner spirit to get out, and I'm currently very spiritually tense. Grr.

I finished wittling a strip I tore offa a tree that was sliced down; in a way, I did it in remembrance of the thing- people hold no respect for plants anymore. Turned out nice, almost like a stylus. I'll scan it later.

So... Right. SUppose I'll watch the Great Mouse Detective now.
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