March 12th, 2003

me :: lake mary


I love the fact that I managed to leave my mech. pencil at home- I still have the red lead, so I'm hoping I can salvage an extra from Maddy so I can finish working on my tiger-chick dancer pinup... Rawrr. Looking at Ursula Vernon's art is rather inspiring, as she, in my opinion, draws the ideal 'classy' pinups; I wouldn't regret following in her footsteps, as long as my morals stand strong.

I'm picky 'bout that.

So onto other topics- I had the weirdest dream last night. Lots of dealings with Mr. Miller for some odd reason, in that I was going to school in some odd sort of central-plan, wood paneled building with a myriad of staircases. I've been there before in my dreams, and I can never seem to figure out where my classes are (they apparently shift rooms on the hour or something of the like)- this time I inquired to Miller where everything was. We talked, which was nice, and then I mentioned my shoulder pains as of late. For some odd reason, he managed to fix it by punching me in the shoulder; amazing, really.

And then came the ultimately confusing part, in which a suddenly younger Mr. Miller (i.e. late thirties... Hrm.) took me back in time to the twenties- to some flapper joint- and we went dancing and ate stuff. I did feel pretty cool, nonetheless, decked all out in pre-depression era garb, but I'm rather confused as to the dream's significance. If any.
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me :: lake mary


We study black and latino culture, which I adore, but is there a white culture?

Mainstream American culture aside, folks.

I feel, as a European mutt, that I have nothing to fall back on when it comes to culture. I latch onto anything I can get a hold of, trying desperately to form some semblance of a background for myself by picking & choosing from ancient & modern non-western cultures... And I do it unconscuiosly, too. Jews can be white, yet can fall back on Jewish culture.

I swear, I feel like there's some emptiness here a culture should belong. Damn bell.
me :: lake mary

Dear Lord.

Bring on the Academy Awards, baby- guess who's got tickets and a dress.

I was assured that we hadn't gotten tickets this year and I had completely gotten over it by last night, until I came home this afternoon to find that my dad hadn't quite searched through his mail thoroughly enough and somehow 'missed' the invitation... Which my mom found in the top four letters. Stoobidhead dad.

So, yeah- life is good for now.